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Air filters are designed by air filter manufacturers to remove a range of contaminants from the air, including molds, gases, dirt and odors. There are specific air cleaner filters available for different needs, for not all filters are designed to remove the same particles. Filter efficiency is determined by a few different factors: the size of the filter fibers, the density of the fibers in the filter and the velocity of the air that moves through the filter.

Air filters are devices used to minimize or remove unwanted particulates from the air flow within a ventilation system or space to improve air quality and to extend the working life of machinery, engines and appliances. Filters are typically composed of a fibrous material which is constructed in a screen through which air is moved. Air filter manufacturers design air cleaner filters for different needs and filtration standards. The particles to be removed from the air can range from dust to pollen to mold spores to animal dander and other unwanted molecules carried by air. Types of filters include inline filters, membrane filters, air compressor filters, HVAC filters and more which are simply constructed devices incorporated into a wide variety of everyday applications. Specialty filters such as carbon air filters or exhaust filters can be used to remove other contaminants such as gases and odors from air streams. In medical applications, filters can be used to remove bacterial and viral microbes and infections which are transported through air molecules. HEPA air filters and ULPA filters provide the highest level of filtration, while other filters such as foam filters or vacuum filters provide lower levels of air purification but are perfectly adequate filters for many applications. Electrostatic filters provide an almost permanent filtration screen solution and do not require a power source in order to be most effective. Most types of filters can be custom fabricated to an extent in order to meet specific requirements.

Some Leading Manufacturers

Precision Filtration Products

Philadelphia, PA | 215-679-6645

Precision Filtration Products is a custom filter manufacturer and distributor. We have an extensive filter brand catalog and have the capabilities to provide our customers with any type of air, liquid, or gas filter! Our products serve customers in industries like aerospace, natural gas, oil refining, aviation, pipelines, automotive, power generation, and more! We are your one stop for filters! Call us today or visit our website to learn more about our products!

Sidco Filter Corporation

Manchester, NY | 585-289-3100

Sidco Filter Corporation is your source for quality industrial air filters and filter housings. We manufacture conical filters, dust collector filters, disc filters, accordion filters, panel filters, custom filters, and much more. For any air or gas filtration application, Sidco has a cost-effective solution to satisfy all of your requirements. Submit a request for quote or contact us today to find the solution to your air filtration needs!

D-Mark®, Inc.

Chesterfield, MI | 800-343-3610

It is our mission, here at D-Mark, Inc., to provide our customers with a complete line of quality filtration products for odor and pollution control. We specialize in the manufacture and design of Activated Carbon Filtration products, which are utilized in HVAC, OEM, appliances, and general purpose applications. We manufacture each of our products to customer specifications to ensure optimal performance and total customer satisfaction. Give us a call today or visit us online for more information!

Aeolus Corporation

Greensboro, NC | 888-851-1379

As one of the leading manufacturers of synthetic fiber technologies, Aeolus Corporation has the high quality air filtration products you need. We offer completely synthetic panel filters and V-Cells, with a variety of depths and efficiencies to meet your specific needs. Our filters are renowned for their high dust holding capacity, so they will meet and exceed industry air standards for a longer period of time. Connect with our filtration experts today for your solution!

Permatron® Corporation

Elk Grove Village, IL | 800-882-8012

For nearly 60 years, Permatron Corporation has served as a leader in the design and manufacture of custom air filtration solutions. We specialize in providing application driven solutions, tailoring our products to our customers’ specific needs. We offer electrostatic air filters, disposable air filters, filter screens, and more. Whether you need industrial, commercial, or residential air filters, we are equipped to take on and overcome any air filtration challenge.

When determining the most suitable type of filter to use for any given application, there are a number of factors to consider. Filtration efficiency is determined by the size of the material fibers and their length, as well as the density with which filter fibers are placed within the filtration unit. Dense filters will capture more particles and therefore provide a higher level of air purification, however will require more power in order to push the air through the filter. Therefore air velocity is another factor to be considered. Air filter manufacturers use various materials to make the variety of air filter types available. Fabrics, for example, are used in many types of filters such as membrane filters or paper can be used as a disposable filter option. Metals such as stainless steel are also constructed into filter screen for heavier duty filtration requirements. Alternatively other filters, such as carbon air filters utilize chemical reactions within the filter itself to attract and remove harmful elements from the air. Plastics are used in electrostatic filters to create the natural static charge from friction which attracts dust particles. There are specific air cleaner filters available for different needs, for not all filters are designed to remove the same particles.

HVAC filters are largely used in home or commercial heating ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC). The more researchers learn about harmful particles and substances that exist in the air, the more air filters play an important part in society’s long-term health. Particularly beneficial is the use of air filters in domestic environments in which there are pets or excessive mold, mildew and dust that bring on allergic symptoms. Air filters help clean the air and remove these allergy-causing particulates, thus allowing home-owners and their families to breathe easier. The incorporation of filters into a circulation system is especially important for those prone to asthma or persons with breathing difficulties. A HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is an example of a specific style of filter used in HVAC systems which is able to remove the highest amount of unwanted particulates from an air stream. A HEPA air filter is mainly used to remove miniscule particulates such as allergens and other common irritants from the air and therefore is commonly used in critical applications such as hospital operating rooms and pharmaceutical facilities. ULPA filters are also highly efficient and very common. HEPA and ULPA filters are commonly used to eliminate harmful allergens. Strict air quality guidelines in many government and industrial circles make the use and continued innovation of air filters essential.

In addition to these uses, the automobile industry uses air filters extensively in vehicles to help promote engine hygiene. Exhaust filters and inline filter are common engine components. Some domestic and industrial appliances house their own internal air filters to increase air quality. Clean air within individual machines ensures longer life to the units. Examples of these types of air filters are found in vacuum cleaners and humidifiers. Air filter manufacturers create their products to protect machines like cars and air conditioners from damage and premature breakdown. Air compressor filters, for example, are vital to the longevity of direct air machines such as nail guns. For the most part, air filters that deal with large particles and high velocities have large filter fibers, and likewise, air filters that deal with small particles and low velocities have small filter fibers. To ensure that an air filter will work properly in its intended application, make sure that the design, density of media and fibers and possible adhesive are taken into account before purchase. Air filters are generally able to function very well, as long as they handle the right kind of particulate for their design. If well maintained and regularly cleaned, many filters will outlast their intended replacement date and will provide years of reliable performance and cleaner air.

Precision Filteration Products

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