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Our society is determined to create clean environments not only in the household but also in the workplace. Air filters and clean air are often tied to heavy issues such as over-pollution and global warming. We turn to a number of solutions to combat these problems. Scientists and engineers have made breakthroughs in emission control systems, thermal oxidizers and various other devices. One paramount innovation in this field is the electrostatic filter. Although electrostatic attraction devices have been around since 1907, engineers have made giant strides in perfecting this technology. This technology has a number of environmental and even financial benefits.

In recent news there has been amazing breakthroughs to applying this technology on a massive level. The intent for this big project is to remove the smog clouds which form in cities. Removing this smog will not only result in cleaner air to breath but also could result in a more productive city overall. This innovation utilizes underground copper coils which are running high voltage, low amp electricity. This electricity creates an electrostatic charge on the surface which is capable of attracting the smog particles to descend down to the ground level. The dispersion of smog will allow for sunlight to become clearly visible. This system is tested to safe for humans to walk over.

There are several benefits for this new innovation but one very important component is the economical opportunity for a large scale project to clear the smog from a city. Manufacturers of copper coils and construction companies would profit from installing these electrostatic units. Projects such as this are ideal in our current recession. Many different aspects gain from the success of this invention including manufacturing companies, workers, the environment and the health of society as a whole.

There are also small scale electrostatic filters that require no electrical hook-ups and simply clean the air from unwanted particles through air circulation systems. These products are typically equipped in air ducts or furnaces and overtime the filter will collect a significant amount of dust. These electrostatic filters are very beneficial in the industrial setting due to the low amount maintenance required to allow the electrostatic filter to operate successfully. The cleaning process of these filters is straightforward; simply remove the filter and use a vacuum or water to remove the particles. Many industrial leaders will turn to these specialized filters because they do not produce emissions which are harmful to the environment. Another reason manufacturers choose these types of filters is due to no electric hook-ups which means they are saving money in the long run. All of these features contribute to the appeal of these air cleaning devices. The user not only saves money with these products but also time.

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